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You may want to file a legal guardianship that we can help you with. You don`t have to be married to do that. Where is the father of the child? Hello. I want information/help My cousin and his girlfriend gave me their 5 year old. To deal with them because they have a serious drug problem and are homeless. I have applied for guardianship and have a court hearing date or weeks. The child told me terrible stories about how they gave him drugs and other things. But I am so worried that the court is turning in favour of the parents. I only have text messages from them and what I`ve seen in person, as well as everyone who knows them and has seen the horrible things they`ve done. Including the child`s adult siblings. Please tell me what my chances are of winning the lawsuit Thank you A guardianship of the estate is established to manage a child`s income, money or other property until the child reaches the age of 18. A child may need a guardian of the estate if they inherit money or assets.

In most cases, the court appoints the surviving parent as guardian of the child`s estate. Hi, I have a 3 year old niece who currently lives with my mother, her grandmother. The baby`s mother is still absent due to drug problems and does not give financial support. The father keeps coming to take the baby to daycare, but doesn`t help financially at all and basically isn`t there unless we ask him for help. I want to take custody of my niece, but I`m not sure of my chances and I`m afraid to ask for legal help because I don`t want her to come back on me. I am 23 years old and have a full-time job and I live with my boyfriend and his family, so our home is very stable in every way. I am just wondering how to do it. I want to be the legal guardian of my own biological sister.

She is 13 years old and lives with our biological parents in California. I am married and my husband is in the military. How do I start the process because I don`t know where to start? I believe the child should first be in California before they can apply for guardianship. You may want to talk to a lawyer first. If the court grants the guardian`s request and intends to leave the state for a period of more than four months, California law requires the guardian to establish a new or equivalent guardianship in the new state of residence. The court has the power to shorten this period in its decision authorising the relocation. A guardian who does not establish the new guardianship must be ordered by the court to return to California and explain why this did not happen. An arrest warrant may be issued for a guardian who ignores the court summons. If your sister does not want to give you legal guardianship, I do not know what you could do in the meantime.

Hi, I have legal guardianship of my husband`s 16-year-old cousin in California. His mother died when he was 11 and his brother took custody of him. 2 years later, his brother died in a workplace accident while working in Wyoming. A case for the wrongful murder of his brother was recently settled and, as guardian of the child, I received a settlement cheque. I just need to know legally how to cash this cheque and what my reporting obligations are. The check is written just like his Social Security checks and I deposit these checks every month. I lost custody of my children some time ago and they were placed with my family. I have maintained my relationship with them over the years and my 8-year-old son (was with my family in Michigan) wants to go home to KY.

I still have 1 year before I can apply for custody, but my family is fine, he will now come back HERE to come with me to ky. Well, I can`t take him to school without guardianship. My fiancée is ready to take on this responsibility for me. That way, not only would he be back with me, but he could also have a relationship with his siblings. So I have a question, he was born in Ky and he lived here until 2014 when he went to MI, would my fiancée petition KY or should we somehow apply for guardianship in MI? Thanks for reading. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict a court`s view on a point of law. If you need legal advice, I encourage you to consult a lawyer. My sister is dead and my niece is 12 years old, her father lives in Mexico and he wants a full co-study from her. She is diabetic Tipe 1 and I want to get her permanent guardianship? Can I still have my niece and keep her in the country and give her health insurance!? You`ll probably need formal legal guardianship, but you can try an informal one.

We can help you with paperwork for both. My husband and I are planning a divorce. We are the guardians of a 5 year old, how will this affect guardianship? We both agree that you should stay with me. Also, we have adopted a 1 year old, how will this affect the adoption? If you have custody of the child, you can certainly apply to the court for formal legal guardianship of the minor child. Contact us if you need help with the formalities. I don`t know how a father can sign legal rights unless someone else adopts to replace him. You may want to talk to a lawyer. I have guardianship of my two cousins after the death of my aunt. The older one refuses to follow the rules and is a constant aberration, I would talk to the Kansas attorney general to find out what rights you have regarding that guardianship because that`s the state where the order was issued.

I applied for guardianship of my granddaughter at her request. There have been sexual assaults (convictions) of the mother`s boyfriend, documented drug use – including the production of illegal drugs at home – and one ongoing case of violence. The CPS did not recommend guardianship after the mother lied about my family – no one from the CPA contacted us during their “investigation.” .

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