Who Won the Scp Court Case

Thirdly, we refer to file number 143/2021. This ensures that they know what your letter is referring to. So, are we likely to win this case at this point? I`ll probably write a letter anyway, but I just want peace of mind about it because this whole situation is stressing me out a lot. I studied Russian law when I was about sixteen (I don`t have one, I just have a Reddit account) and it seems to me to be a pretty clear case, complicated by the actual granting of the trademark. This should be pretty clear in my opinion and the only reason it takes forever is to prepare and present a case forever. Six months ago, it was reported that a Russian, Andrey Duksin, was exploiting the trademark standards of the Russian Federal Intellectual Property Service and protecting the name and logo of the SCP Foundation within the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Customs Union. Duksin defended this action, stating, “[He] invests a lot of money in promoting the universe and creating media content (art, books, table games, etc.), I had to make sure that no one intervened and took advantage of the PR that I do. ` Because in this case, I lose the resource to recover my own investments. Duksin continues, “It doesn`t matter to the community, because I`ve always supported the community`s decisions. First, it should be an authentic paper letter with your signature written on it. Many people will send an email on a whim. Not many people will send a letter showing the court that you really mean what you are sending.

This trademark counterfeiting began last year by Andrey Duksin and targeted individual members of the community. However, it was never reported that Duksin was part of this community or had creative control over the wiki website. Andrey is now targeting the entire CPS website and says the same thing. The matter will be settled in court, but the community has a little problem. GoFundMe itself has a pretty good summary of what`s going on. In short, someone protected SCP in Russia and the case goes to court. The summary doesn`t really address the fact that the whole Creative Commons license that makes SCP the free online collaborative thing it is could be unraveled because of this lawsuit (for SCP not for the term CCL as a whole), so the stakes are quite high. Second, it should be addressed to the court itself. Its address is:HEAD OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY COURTLYUDMILA ALEKSEEVNA NOVOSELOVA,OGORODNYJ PROEZD STREET., H. 5, BLDG. 2,MOSCOW CITY,127254, RUSSIAN FEDERATION This can get a bit complicated, like most legal cases, but currently the latest update to the Go Fund Me page requires SCP contributors and fans to type/write formal legal testimonial letters.

I did a quick one at work today that basically said that SCP is a community-driven entity and that this random guy is not allowed to try a trademark. The site has launched a fundraiser asking for a $50,000 donation to take legal action. This was heavily supported by several fans and reached over $140,000. Especially the post of Markiplier, the famous YouTuber. I must also say a big thank you to Markiplier, because without him, I would never have been aware of the situation. For this reason, I will ask many to continue to support the CPS Foundation and, if possible, to donate to the cause. You can find out all about it at the Igor The Goose fundraiser| January 30, 2020January 30, 2020 | Features, Horror, Literature, Main Grid, News, Science Fiction Duksin is now threatening to shut down SCP-RU`s website. Over the past six months, SCP`s U.S. and Russian administrators have tried in vain to negotiate and cooperate with Rospatent to dissolve the illegitimate brand. This must lead the U.S. administration team to take legal action, and they need help.

Later, Duksin openly admitted to the administrators of SCPRU (the Russian branch of the SCP fandom) that he had obtained the trademark to pursue movies and video games with a big budget. Around the same time, other fans running SCP-based VK groups shared their interactions with Duksin, you can read their transcripts (or see screenshots of VK) here. I would like to point out that I have never really championed a cause like this in the past. I also haven`t written a full article on this topic. However, this one is different. The SCP universe is the largest community in terms of creative control and I really enjoy it. This literary world, which united lovers of twist but fascinating, has been a big part of fanfiction since its inception. And now he`s in trouble.

I won`t get bored with a long article, but I`ll write down the different important things I wanted to address. Well, I wanted to do a medical check tomorrow, I might as well stop at the post office to get my international stamps. Sorry, what`s going on here? Can someone post a letter about what happened? Tip: address her as “Lyudmila Alexeyevna”, not “Mrs. Novoselova”! The typical form of polite address in Russian is the first name plus the father`s name (second name). I understand that not everyone has time to write such a letter. But if you could do that, it would really help our efforts to protect CPS for everyone. A lot has happened behind the scenes, and they have acquired more lawyers to completely dismantle this. I`m adding the appropriate section because they have something to ask us: As mentioned above, this is a community project. Over the years, many content creators have teamed up to create new anomalies and even plot details.

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