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Softwarebuddies is your business partner when it comes to used and cheap Microsoft operating systems. Buy your office software legally and securely from us and get first-class benefits: 130 euros for a professional version is a lot of money, compared to offers made on trading platforms such as eBay when you search for “Windows 10 Pro Key”: Dealers undercut each other: 6.99 euros, 5.49 euros, 4.99 euros, 4.89 euros, 3.99 euros! This is the only way to have a chance of being found by customers who sort by price. They all promise “lightning expedition”, “100% original” and “full version”. Descriptions always state that there is no physical product – instead, the customer receives a key and download link within 30 seconds and doesn`t have to wait for a postal delivery. Dealers cite the 2012 ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on Oracle download software and promise to legally resell used keys. We would have liked to ask all merchants via eBay if they have an original invoice, if they know what form of license it is and how to ensure that the license is no longer used. Unfortunately, eBay removed three out of five listings a week later and had only one rating: “We had to remove this listing from the site. You do not need to complete the transaction. Only the underlieha-2 provider replied in English: “I can assure you that the key is genuine. If there was something wrong, you wouldn`t be able to activate your operating system in the first place. His interpretation: As long as the key works, resale is legal. All dealers covered by us refer to the CJEU judgment in UsedSoft v.

Oracle of July 3, 2012 [1]. UsedSoft sold used software that Oracle had offered its customers to download. Oracle wanted to prevent buyers of the licenses used from obtaining the software through Oracle download pages. However, the judges were clear: if an author has sold a copy of software in the European Economic Area in a downloadable version only, it can be resold and the customer used can use the download page as a legitimate user. The author`s right of distribution has been exhausted. According to the saying “Where there is no plaintiff, there is no judge”, you can also buy a Windows 10 key from key resellers such as MMOGA. You should know that in many cases, you probably don`t acquire a license. The risk of Microsoft taking legal action against an individual is likely negligible. The fact that the keys sold work practically without exception, we clarified in the last article. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the risk of taking it.

The two most popular ways to get cheap Windows licenses are gray market and volume licensing. The grey market simply means that these licenses were purchased in countries where Microsoft charges much less for a valid license. The other source, volume licensing, or often referred to as OEM licensing, is the excess of activations from large customers or, occasionally, Microsoft Software Developer Network (MSDN) subscribers who have found their way to market through resellers. While it is not illegal to use such licenses in the private sector, it is still a violation of Microsoft`s Terms of Service. While this won`t ever lead police to stand at the door with a search warrant, these permits are often not completely free of problems. But there is another alternative: cheap Windows 10 keys from retailers such as MMOGA, eBay, Amazon and Co. These cost only a fraction of what Microsoft charges directly. From a slim five euros, you`re there – and foreign dealers aren`t the only ones involved in the market. German retailers also sell Hauf keys for Windows 10. We have already asked the question: can this be legal? We want to clarify this in this article.

This is an update based on our first article on Windows 10 keys. Here, we briefly summarize what you need to know as an end customer to get Windows 10 safely. For customers, the situation is more than unsatisfactory: they get an unclear original key and most likely not a legal copy of the program. However, Windows makes no effort to complain immediately and the search process at Microsoft takes time and is associated with effort. Microsoft already made it clear in 2015 that users of illegal versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 will not receive a free upgrade to Windows 10. Instead, Microsoft made software hackers an attractive offer so they could legally buy Windows 10. Before updating to Windows 10, Microsoft marks the illegal versions, and then a free upgrade can only be installed with a legally purchased Windows 10 key. The fact that these dealers even have a chance to sell their licenses at low cost is due to Microsoft`s relaxed management of activation. Many application software vendors make simultaneous activations technically impossible: if you enter a key on a device, a device ID on the manufacturer`s server is associated with it. Attempting to use this key on another computer fails.

If you want to sell such software, you can deactivate the online version. In addition to a 25-digit key, the messages included links to download the media creation tool directly from Microsoft, as well as various links to Windows forums and help pages dealing with installing and activating Windows. All dealers expressly pointed out that they could be contacted at any time in case of activation problems. Referring to Microsoft for download is not objectionable: according to the vendors, the keys sold are used keys that were sold by Microsoft without data carrier.

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